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AmazonAmazonMy name is Linda  Corby and I have been on the internet for over twenty years, in that time I have tried out more so called ways to make money on the net than I can shake a stick at, the majority of them have turned out to be unmitigated rubbish.

When I say I have been there and tried that I really have wore the T-shirt, and like many of you out there I have decided that enough is enough, it now just makes me angry when I see the crazy scams that people are buying into, and to know that there are some good things out there that can help people, that people do not get because they have been scammed so much makes me even more annoyed.

Yes, I have got a product out there that was written at the request of my local Social Security Department (Careers section) because I am a third generation entrepreneur, and no I am not trying to sell it on here, no point, the majority of you now reading this are most likely more inclined to buy via a slick sales video.

Hopefully you will take the time to bookmark this site and come back to read through it before buying anything, that is if you want to know what is real and what is likely to be a scamer waiting to con you out of your hard earned cash, leaving you will an empty wallet, the choice is yours. I am not going to tell you what a wonderful person I am, I am like anyone else and too have my faults, I am not going to give you some sob made up story to try and endear myself to you, and I am certainly not going to pay some crappy actor to do a flash testimonial telling you that I am the best thing since sliced bread.

What I am going to do is be 100% straight with you, and the only time you might see a fake video is when I tell you that it is a fake one as an example for your perusal.

What am I?  Just a straightforward author, do I want to sell books, of course I do, just like you I like to eat and have fun in my life, I also need to pay for things like domain names and hosting, just the things one need to survive in general.

What do I write, well too much to list here, so I have put  you a carousel below to some of my Amazon books, live links to their Amazon pages. You are not expected to buy anything, what I am putting on this site itself is free to read and I hope it helps you.

Please read this before leaving a comment anywhere on this site, thank you. Any comment left on this site or messages sent to me by email might be included in one of my books, obviously with links and credits to their authors, but in commenting you are authorizing me copyright permission to republish such.


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